Christmas Window Fireplace Scene with Snow and Crackling Fire Sounds

Brrrrrrrrrr……….It’s cold outside! So we lit up the fireplace, but we made sure the Christmas presents and tree did not catch fire! Let’s go inside quickly because the hot coco and juicy turkey are already on the table (just put your nose through the window and you’ll sniff it ;).

This snowy Christmas Fireplace scenery is perfect to add some cozy holiday ambience / atmosphere to your Christmas celebrations! The only thing you have to add yourself is some good old Christmas music, if you like that, and you’re good to go!

And yes you’re outside looking inside through the window!….lol 😉

Video Specs

Duration6 hours
Resolution1080×720 (HD)
Frame rate
Bit rate

Audio Specs

Duration6 hours
Bit rate

Recording Location

Korvatunturi Lapland

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