Audio: Heavy Rain and Wind on Car Roof and Window

The relaxing sounds of a good rainstorm are best experienced when you’re sound and safe in a car. There is something about being in the confined space of a car while outside the rain is beating down on the roof and windows, the wind is whistling like a madman and the occasional gust of wind rocks the car from side to side… Yes the bad weather isn’t so bad at all!

This is a real time 2.5 hr rainstorm recording, that is edited and looped to 11 hours + so you can use it to fall asleep to and sleep all night without interruptions :). Of course you can just read a book to it or relax and use it to block unwanted background noise/sounds. Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment or give feedback. Everything is welcome! 🙂

Audio Specs

Duration11 hours 13 minutes
Bit rate
Recording Location

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