Video: Misty Morning Forest Lake with Birds Singing and Frogs Croaking

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The mist is hanging above the water, it looks quiet this summer morning, but in the trees, in the woods around the small lake there are very busy birds; in the water the frogs are croaking the whole time; an occasional fly passes by.

It’s time for you to sit back, relax, listen to these nature sounds, sounds of the forest, sounds of the water, and maybe you will fall asleep…. Enjoy!

Special thanks goes to Daniel Huhn who provided us one of his beautiful video recordings!

Video Specs

Duration8 hours
Resolution1920×1080 (Full HD)
Frame rate
Bit rate

Audio Specs

Duration8 hours
Bit rate 320 kbps

Recording Location

Wiengerpark, Munster-Uppenberg Germany

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