Video: Rain Sounds on Umbrella with Boats passing Old Castle at River

On this rainy day we went to the river’s edge (the IJssel between the beautiful medieval Dutch towns Zutphen and Deventer) to capture a bit of this magical river ambience. We set up the camera opposite the old ruins of castle Nijenbeek with its long, rich history. In this living picture you can experience the typical dutch river atmosphere with for example storks and geese flying over and occasionally a boat passing by.

To protect the camera from the rain, we set up an umbrella on top of it, so for all of the lovers of rain sounds this is your lucky day ;)! Enjoy watching this 6 hours of Slow TV to calm your mind and relax your body :), and if you watch closely you might even see a ghost ship sail by…. To see the exact location, look at the map below.

Video Specs

Duration6 hours
Resolution3840x2160px (4K)
Frame rate25 fps
Bit rate 320 kbps

Audio Specs

Duration6 hours
Bit rate 320 kbps

Recording Location

Castle Nijenbeek, Voorts Gelderland Netherlands

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