Thunderstorm Simulator with Thunder Sounds and Lightning Flashes

We’ve created this virtual thunderstorm simulator, so you can enjoy the magic of heavy thunder and lightning bolts from the comfort of your chair or bed and recreate the atmosphere of a good thunderstorm! No need to go outside to get wet and possible even fried!! 😉

The rain sounds that accompanies the thunder and lightning, functions as an ideal masking sound for background noise and also a good source of white/pink noise to help as a sleeping aid for people suffering from insomnia. The lightning flash effect will be best displayed in an almost pitch black room and the sounds of thunder will make your house shake on it’s foundations if you have some proper audio equipment! 🙂 Let us know what you think and how you use it. We hope it serves you well.

Video Specs

Duration6 hours
Frame rate
Bit rate

Recording Location

Lake Victoria, Tanzania

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