Welcome on our website and we hope you had a good time already, browsing through our collection of ambient videos and sounds, maybe even mixing your own ambience, or reading one of our blogs!


We are two guys from the Netherlands with a passion for creating atmospheric audio and video content, combined with a keen interest in webdesign, coding and scripting. We also both have a background in ecology, Jeroen (below on the left) having a degree in environmental science and Martijn (below on the right) with a degree in biology.

Martijn and Jeroen Field RecordingAfter Jeroen launched the Virtual Fireplace website, we had the exciting idea to create something together with a broader scope than just fireplaces and campfires. And so, Virtual Ambiance was born!


We have build a web based app, so you can mix our ambient sounds in to your own atmosphere or soundscape. This is an ongoing project which we will keep developing and making improvements with the latest web based audio technologies. If you have ideas about cool sounds or features to add and implement in this mixer, you are welcome to share them with us and if it’s possible and suitable, we’ll try to realize it!

We hope you find what you are looking for on our website and like to hear from you sometime! 🙂

Friendly greetings,

Martijn and Jeroen