In The Beginning There Was Light…

posted by Jeroen on November 12th, 2019

Before we started with Virtual Ambiance, I (Jeroen) had already founded Virtual Fireplace, which is a website and a YouTube channel, where you can watch or download fireplace and campfire videos. This was started as a hobby project to learn web design and also because of my fascination for fire (no, I’m not a Pyromaniac, but just your regular man…). Because the video files were quite large I decided to use YouTube as the video hosting platform

The fun of recording nature sounds (and not filming it!)

posted by Jeroen on October 1st, 2019

Do you know what the sound of a fox calling sounds like? I didn’t (either) until I played an audio recording I made somewhere in the south of the Netherlands in a forest. But first, when playing the raw file back through my headphones, for a moment I got the shivers as I clearly heard a scream and thought I captured some sort of nocturnal slaughter, like a girl was screaming for her life.