How to Use the AtmosHere™

Master Buttons

At the very top of the AtmosHere™, you can find the master buttons. These buttons overrule the actions of the individual generated channels, located underneath the master. This way you can instantly stop, pause/play, increase/decrease volume or mute all the sounds of your created ambience.

Pick a sound

When you click on this area (blinking red outline) a pop-up appears. Here you can select a sound by browsing through the folders or search directly in the search bar located at the top of the pop-up. You can pre-listen to each sound, by clicking the little play button located at the begin of the sound title.

Loading Sound in Channel

When you have clicked on the actual sound that you would like to use, it will be loaded into the channel. Once loaded, it will start playing and loop/repeat itself automatically by default.

Loop or Interval

You can stop sounds from looping by selecting a random interval time, by clicking on the drop down menu, located at the left side of the channel.

Adjusting Volume

Below each channel there is a volume slider, at which you can set the required volume. Sliding to the right, will decrease the volume and sliding to the left will increase the volume.

Adding a Channel

Below the first channel (channel 1) you can click on ‘ADD A CHANNEL’ and as by magic a second channel will appear! Here you can repeat the steps to load a sound into the channel. You can generate a maximum of 8 channels to mix and create your own ambience or atmosphere.

Removing a Channel

If you want to delete a channel, you can simply click on the minus sign – located at the far right side of the channel area.